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Khylos Kawakawa Boutique

Aftercare Kawakawa Balm

Aftercare Kawakawa Balm

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Introducing our Aftercare Kawakawa Balm, a premium, vegan-friendly solution designed to provide exceptional care for your skin. Crafted with a blend of natural ingredients, this balm is perfect for soothing and healing freshly done tattoos, post-birth recovery, and more. 

Key Ingredients:
Shea Butter: Deeply moisturizes and reduces inflammation.
Coconut Oil: Hydrates while offering antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Calendula Infused Olive Oil: Soothes and promotes skin healing.
Kawakawa Infused Olive Oil: A traditional Māori remedy known for its powerful healing effects.
Manuka Oil: Provides natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits.
Soy Wax: A vegan alternative to beeswax, ensuring a smooth texture and prolonged moisture.


Tattoo Aftercare: Our balm promotes faster healing of tattooed skin, reduces inflammation, and prevents infection, ensuring your new tattoo heals beautifully. 

Post-Birth Recovery: Ideal for soothing and healing skin after childbirth, whether vaginal or caesarean. It helps reduce irritation, promotes healing, and provides much-needed hydration. 

Vegan Friendly: Made entirely from plant-based ingredients, our balm is a guilt-free choice for conscientious consumers.

Why Choose Aftercare Kawakawa Balm?
Khylos Kawakawa Boutique is a Māori-owned business dedicated to sharing the incredible healing benefits of kawakawa. By choosing our balm, you are supporting a business rooted in cultural heritage and natural wellness.

Experience the healing power of nature with our Aftercare Kawakawa Balm. Perfect for all your aftercare needs, it’s a must-have in your skincare routine.


Shea butter, coconut oil, nz beeswax, kawakawa oil, calendula oil, manuka oil. fragrance oil

Care Instructions

Not to be consumed.

Keep out of direct sunlight!

If your skin gets irritated, wash off immediately.

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